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Transition to Tanzania

17/9/12: two major accomplishments!

Went to the Cathedral church yesterday morning.  They have three morning services, Swahili-English-Swahili, with the English service at 0830 - actually, when the first service was complete.  Very familiar form of worship in unfamiliar circumstances, and very well attended!  Thank you, Terry, for the suggestion to go, it was interesting to see that side of the Christian community.

Then on to the gym, some very familiar elements, but didn't realise I needed my own padlock for the locker!

15/9/12: language and money

Now a full week here and starting to feel that I know where things are.  Achievements this week include being ruled fit to work here which is a bit of a relief, really!  Interesting to encounter private medicine, question number one, how is 'this' to be paid for, question 2, what is 'this'?  And coming to terms with the idea that ATM machines don't usually correspond to the large street signs announcing them, which takes a bit of getting used to.

Language is a fascinating issue here.

9/9/12: the search for a church and a walk

At the suggestion of some contacts through the UK (thank you, Wendy and John!) went to Ocean International Church which meets in  cinema in Mwenge.  Pastor is an American Assemblies of God minister.  Jolly interesting learning about the continent from that perspective, met some jolly interesting people.

This was the early service, so decided to walk back (I took a taxi there).  As I walked it occurred to me it was still only just after 1000, so listened and looked out for a more African service going on.

8/9/12: arrival in Tanzania!

Finally arrived in Tanzania on Wednesday.  Lots of people to thank for helping with the transition - very kind colleagues at work who gave me a great send off, lots of support from friend at St Andrew's Sherborne St John.  Special mention to Kevin for helping to clear my house of stuff I couldn't get out by myself - thanks, Kevin, remember there's always a bed for you in Dar Es Salaam, Zanzibar is only 1.5 hours away by ferry!  To Martyn for redecorating my house prior to tenants moving in, John for electrical work, Stephanie at Lok n Store in Basingstoke for her patience as I put stuff into storage - quite an art, what is it that I will still be wanting after some indefinite period?

9/7/12: countdown to Tanzania underway!

Please excuse my absence from this blog for the last few months.  Work has been busy, with some highlights - wonderful to have a 2 week visit from a group of Jamaican teachers.

However, as I hope you have already heard (unless you found this blog in a random Google search) is that I'm moving to Tanzania in September in order to be associate professor at the Institute of Educational Development, Aga Khan University based in Dar Es Salaam.  First part of the interview was by Skype in February, a very strange experience!
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