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18/12/16: no frills cooking (6): beef in a nice sauce

Taking a break from my Christian living series, next will be about reading the Bible.  So in advance of that, if you're happy in your own mind that you have a meaningful, sustainable pattern for reading the Bible, would be interested to know exactly what it is.  I'm happy in my own mind that I have my own, but very aware that this is a very individual thing which also changes over time.

Meanwhile, very warm invitation, if you're in Dar es Salaam on Christmas Eve, to the carol service at St Alban's Anglican Cathedral at 6pm.

11/12/16: Christian living (3): membership of a church

Enjoying a long weekend here in Tanzania, with public holidays on Friday and Monday.  Students now gone but lots of work to do to get ready for next year!  And just booked a few days in Pemba for between Christmas and the new year so look forward to telling you more about that soon.

Anyway, continuing the theme of Christian living this week, wanting to cover some basics over the next few blog posts, the first is church membership.  As always, do let me know what you think!


4/12/16: Christian living (2): why?

Just a brief introductory note to say how great it's been to be able to work normally for the last week.  Very busy, not without its frustrations but really, really good to be back.  Something like stopping bashing my head against a brick wall - not that I've ever tried this out for real, you understand.

Anyway, this week a continuation of the Christian living theme, been thinking about this a lot so I hope you find the below interesting, do please let me know what you think.

What is a Christian?

27/11/16: Christian living (1): introduction

Firstly to say, very pleased to tell you that I now have my work permit so into the office as usual on Monday.  When the moment came it was all a bit sudden!  A few more thoughts on the last few weeks and those coming will be in future blog posts I'm sure.

Meanwhile, long standing (suffering?) readers of this blog will know that there have been a number of posts under the heading 'No frills cooking' inspired by my house guests of about a year ago, Tommy and Peace of the Operation Mobilisation ship Logos Hope.

20/11/16: caught speeding back in the UK

So, here I am a week back in Dar es Salaam.  And then to get an email from my Dad to say that he's been sent a letter from Warwickshire police, his car was photographed going at 39 miles per hour in a 30 mile per hour zone.

OK, let's think about this.  I was indeed driving my Dad's car in Warwickshire at the time when the phographs were taken.  So I have no choice, really, but to concede that I have committed the offence, to accept the fine and points on my licence.

And speaking as a bit of a health and safety freak,

14/11/16: back but not back

When I was in the upper sixth form at school I was fortunate enough to pass the Cambridge entrance examination at Christmas time, leaving me two clear terms at school only needing two E grades at A level to get in.  So that should have been fantastic, shouldn't it?  No need to do any much work with the University place all but guaranteed.

But it wasn't, it really wasn't.  It felt a very strange place to be, wanting to work but not needing to.  And any attempt to go with the flow would contradict my motto in life: why be laid back whilst worrying is still an option?

30/10/16: always a price to pay

When I was in the UK about a year ago I mentioned inthis blogthe use of what I was then calling, "Swipe and go" but have subsequently discovered is actually called 'Contactless'.  So, if paying for items up to a certain limit, all you have to do is hold a credit card near a detector until it pings, no need for an exchange of cash, a signature or even a PI number.

(Parenthetical thought: grief I'm such a pedant!  Of course, PI number - PI standing for personal identification - is strictly correct, as is PIN.

23/10/16: genuinely helpful innovation - or going round in circles?

One of the great pleasures of being a PhD student at the Institute of Education, University of London, was having immediate access to one of the finest - the finest? - education libraries in the world. One book which I had thought would be deep in the archives, but actually was there immediately on the shelves, was:

Roethlisberger, F. J., Dickson, W. J., & Wright, H. A. (1939).Management and the worker:  An account of a research program conducted by the Western Electric Company, Hawthorne Works, Chicago

16/10/16: the place for rules

My Bible reading currently has me in Galatians, which is jolly interesting stuff.  Situation in brief: Paul has previously been there and planted a church with both Jewish and Gentile believers.  After Paul left, a group of 'Judaisers' appeared, teaching the need to obey a whole series of rules based on the Jewish faith as it was understood at the time, as a means to salvation.  In exasperation that the Christian faith should have been subverted so much and so quickly, Paul has a good few things to say:

2/10/16: have Internet so can work anywhere?

So, one week back to work after leave so how has it been?  Not brilliant, to be honest with you.

With about a month to go before I return to Tanzania - I hope, ticket rebooked but no residency permit as yet - I need to start working again from the UK.  Now, from one point of view, working remotely is nothing new to me, the job requires a certain amount of travel, and staying in touch while away is entirely normal.

But this is rather different to anything I've done before.  Spending an hour or so a day catching up with emails when teaching North West Uganda is one thing, doing the entirety of the job from several thousand miles is rather another.
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