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19/3/17: the count down is on!

Very aware of things happening for the last time here in Tanzania.  I've used my Tanzanian bank account for the last time.  I've just bought petrol for the last time (probably).  I've bought 20 litre containers of drinking water for the last time.  I've attended various meetings which have been part of my life for the last 4.5 years for the last time.  Unless I'm asked to do more on a consultancy basis, I've done the last batch of marking.  I've been doing some clearing out of the flat - although this is considerably simpler than moving to come out here, a relatively small proportion of the things in the flat actually belong to me, the rest either coming with the flat or were bought from the furnishing allowance therefore get returned to the University - which, I would say, saves a huge job in otherwise disposing of the stuff.

Meanwhile, my flight to Heathrow is booked, as is the onward travel.  Car purchase, insurance, reoccupying my house, all in progress.  Have paid for and will soon obtain a letter of good conduct from the Tanzanian police to produce if looking to get a police check in future for the purpose of working with children.  Professional website is online - do take a look if you haven't already done so!  Business cards ordered, conference presentation drafted for the conference on my return, more about this in due course!

So, how am I feeling about this?  Reality is now starting to sink it which it didn't straight after Christmas with life carrying on very much as usual initially.  Sadness is one emotion, there are certainly many things here that I'll miss, particularly the people, students have been fantastic, great colleagues, and a sense of making something of a difference.  And having a full time house keeper is an amazing luxury which I couldn't possibly afford back in the UK - thank you, Hellen, for everything over the last few years!

Other things I won't miss, to be honest.  Even today rains have been falling, not to the point where flooding has occurred but not far off and that's likely to be coming, slightly disconcerting living in a city with annual rains with which the infrastructure can't cope.  I tell people here that there was one power cut (to my knowledge) in the entirety of the 4.5 years that I lived near Basingstoke and they don't believe me.  And home is home at the end of the day, very happy to travel where required in future but really looking forward to being based in the UK once again.

Meanwhile, work here is not yet done!  Two conferences in the next two weeks, one here in DSM, the other in Mombasa, in both cases presenting with my friend and colleague Dr Marriote Ngwaru relating to some work we have been doing recently.  Have some overnight Canadian visitors this week on their way back from a mission trip.  The community choir is singing this coming Saturday, and the cathedral choir has been practising for a sung Communion on my last Sunday here.  So things not yet finished up here.  And aware of the need to do some work to have all work stuff packed up for other people to take over once I'm gone.

So, please excuse me if I'm a bit intermittent over the next few weeks, will try to keep you posted but it's safer not to promise.  Thank you for reading and, if you're in the UK, hope to see you soon.

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Steve on 19 March 2017 07:25
It has been short time being with you. Even the shorttime is not regretable because you gave us sense of direction in academia and how to manage academic rigor. Thanks alot and wishes in all your undertakings in adding to global knowledge.
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Geoff on 20 March 2017 01:11
Thank you, Steve, it's been great working with you, my very best wishes for the rest of the year and beyond, Geoff

Jesca Harriet Audo on 20 March 2017 00:47
Great working with you Dr.Geoff especially during teaching learning and assessment where you were a course leader. To me the assignment was very confusing but at last after you explained over again it turned interesting. Again, the Thursday sharing such as the nature of prophecy quoted from Isaiah 7:1-19- the sign of Immanuel;led to a long discussion and better understanding when working with our God. Thank you for good CP - faculty working relationship where CPs were the central focused point of your services. You made us comfortable living in Dar es Salaam. Once a teacher will always remain our teacher. We will not miss you except physically but with blog posts, FB and other forms of communication we will be connected. All the best of good luck 🍀
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Geoff on 20 March 2017 01:13
Thank you, Jesca, it was great to get to know you last year, very much appreciate your kind words. I trust this year is going well and you are able to implement something of what you learnt! Very best wishes, Geoff

ARUKU LAMBERT on 20 March 2017 04:08
Safe journey my academic and professional Dad. The whole of East Africa will miss you dearly. However, the U.K is just a stone throw away technologically. We shall continue to chart.
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Geoff on 20 March 2017 04:43
Thank you Aruku, much appreciated. And I will miss East Africa - as you say we can keep in touch by use of technology, also I hope to be visiting from time to time. Trust all's well at work and very best wishes, Geoff

Anyanzo John Philip on 22 March 2017 00:39
I admired your Bible exposition during the Christian Fellowships, I admired the way you approached and blended your lectures with music, illustrations, case studies and meaningful stories. I learned a lot as a teacher educator and teacher of the Word of God. I liked your passion for Christian living and quality work. Some of these attributes will greatly be missed in East Africa. Wish you well in your new assignments ahead. stay blessed!
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