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21/8/16: no frills cooking (5) chicken in orange sauce

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking that I'd try out something different to cook, and my memory came up with lemon chicken as something worth trying.  So, using Google (NOUN!!!!) I found a recipe and tried it out.  Well, maybe not following every detail, we no frills chefs aren't very good at doing that.  The end result was fine, except that I found the lemon taste a bit too sharp.  Of course, that didn't stop me eating it to the end of the consignment, having been brought up to eat what's in front of me (thanks, Mum and Dad!  I shall be forever grateful for that, apart from anything else, hugely simplifies living away from the UK and being a guest in many different situations).

But another part of my memory is telling me that duck is sometimes cooked in orange, so, how about chicken in orange?  It goes something like this.

Heat some oil in a saucepan.  Add roughly chopped onion (always!  See previous no frills cooking entries for further elaboration) until starting to soften, then add chicken breast cut into cubes about 1cm each way.  I quite like adding a bit of crushed garlic at that stage, that's up to you.  Bit of salt.  Stir fry until the chicken pieces have gone white.  Peel a few oranges (3 or 4 maybe) divide into segments, squeeze a bit to release the juice but don't worry too much about this, the juice will be released in the cooking anyway.  Bring gently to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes to 1/2 an hour.

And there you have it!  Really is as simple as I'm making out.  I have to be honest, I've not served this to anybody apart from myself as yet, I quite like it as something a bit different.  If you are inspired to try this - or some variation - do let me know!

Needing to keep things short this week, just about to go to two church services back to back, firstly the Anglican cathedral as normal, and then the Lutheran cathedral (short walk away towards the sea front) for their once a month German service.  Yes, yes, yes, my knowledge of German is confined to about 6 words (although when I went once before I tried to get an 8 year old girl to teach me some more to which the answer was 'no'.  That should have been 'nein', surely?) but I'm there to play piano which transcends any language.  Last week met the Canadian defence minister who was travelling with General Romeo Dallaire who was in charge of the UN peace keeping force during the Rwanda crisis in the mid 1990s, and is credited with singlehandedly saving many lives during that time.  And have been and returned from Nairobi for interviewing for students for next year where it is noticeably cooler than in Dar es Salaam!  Leave coming up soon so looking forward to posting some pictures.  Trust you're well and thank you for reading!

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