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16/11/14: sorry, no blog post this week

I'm currently reading John Cleese's autobiography, "So, anyway...".  In it he recounts how, when at school, he was set an essay to write entitled, 'Time'.  The approach he took was to detail all the ways he was spending time at that stage in his life, finishing off with an apology that he had not had the time to write the essay.

So, inspired by John Cleese, I apologise for not writing a blog entry this week.  Nothing - nothing - interesting seems to have happened recently.  No trips away from here, not even to the beach (two weeks ago is too long to count).  No interactions with security guards or police - the latter being a good thing I suppose.  Oodles of work - 12 hour days Monday to Friday plus Saturdays until about 3pm. not really enough to keep up with the immediate, let alone feel I'm on top of things.  Can vouch for the truth of the maxim, 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy' - very, very, very dull.  No potential possessions crossed my path making me wonder whether I want them.  Continuing to work through Ezekiel but don't have anything I feel I need to share. Reading Alistair McGrath 'Christian Theology' - familiar with the idea that there are, from a Christian perrspective, 4 reasons for believing something (in the Bible, church history / tradition, reason, experience) but jolly interesting reading the thoughts on this by an eminent theologian.  Wondering whether, when singing hymns at the Cathedral I should accept local pronounciation giving rise to 'fee-ry pillars' and 'sorrow and love flow ming - led down' - I probably would if I was in America, so why not here?  Also reading Lionel Shriver, 'Game control' - hadn't realised when I decided I liked 'We need to talk about Kevin' and that I wanted to read more of her work that at least two of her novel are set, in part, in East Arica, which is a big bonus.  Weather getting hotter, leading to appreciably larger electricity bills and more frequent power cuts, both consistent with greater air conditioning usage.

It may be that, if I was observing my life from the outside, there would be interesting things to say.  But I can't see them.

So, sorry, no blog post this week.  No ideas for forthcoming posts but hopefully that will change before next weekend.

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Jenny Spence on 21 November 2014 17:29
Sorry, no comment on your non-existent blog post.
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Geoff on 22 November 2014 01:09
...and no comment on your non-existent comment. Although have an idea for tomorrow, not sure how good it is.... Trust you're well, Geoff

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