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9/2/14: Convocation 2014

Can it really be a full year since Convocation (graduation) 2013?  And, indeed, two years since my first blog post from the beginning of my Jamaica trip?  Perception that time is going fast is surely a sign of advanced old age alongside deterioriating eye sight as recorded here.

Two major differences for me at Convocation this year.  One is that I worked with the graduating students last year so a wonderful sense of reunion with them, some of them I got to know well.  Have the permission of the students below to share these pictures, firstly Massoud and his son Barakh:

Massoud is a deputy head teacher in a secondary school in Zanzibar, I acted as his dissertation supervisor.  Massoud, if you're reading this: when you're ready to apply for headships I know you'll find the right opportunity for you to make a huge contribution to children's lives in that leadership position.  By all means name me as a referee - and invite me over when things have settled down, I'd love to come!

Oh, and - any ideas as to what I might be saying to Barakh do let me know.  I'll send a small gift to anybody who makes me laugh.

The other picture is of me with Omari from Kenya who works in quality assurance and was our valedictorian, giving a speech on behalf of the students not just at the Institute of Educational Development but also from the Advanced Nursing School and the Post Graduate Medical Education Institute which together make up the Tanzania Institute of Higher Education:

Have to say, really pleased with both these pictures, albeit they're not coming out well here, not least because I had no idea at the time that they were being taken.  Can you tell that my tie nicely matches the green of the robes?  And - any suggestion that I took my tie collection to work and was actively pressing them on unsuspecting students and faculty who didn't have one entirely accurate....

Just one final thing - I was at the gym this morning after church and, yes, as I predicted in this post, the time has now come that I cannot read, without my glasses, the numbers on the combination lock I use in the changing rooms.  However, I have a solution, but do I admit to it on a public website?  That when I'm in the steam room or the shower, I just change one of the digits by one unit?  No, probably not wise at all.  Thank you for reading, I'll be back again soon.

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