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22/12/13: golly it's grey here!

It's not the things that I thought I would find difficult coming back which have, in fact, been problematic.  So, I've not been leaving a trail of wreckage on the roads as I've been driving, nor have I been scrunching the gears unduly - ie., no more than I did before I left.  I've not been shivering as much as I thought, but then people tell me it's been unseasonally mild.

It's been other things which I've found difficult to adjust to. I mentioned zebra crossings last time, and am still running across them, not fully believing that motorists will stop or stay stopped.  I knew that it gets dark early at this time of year, but had forgotten how late it is before it gets light in the morning.  I've been finding heating a bit uncomfortable, kind of prickly heat.  The speed - and reliability - of the Internet is a bit astonishing.  And no power cuts that I've been aware of since I've been here....

Perhaps the biggest single thing is the greyness of the time of year.  Don't know whether this picture in Witney conveys this:

Change in seasons brings loss of leaves from the trees which then need clearing up - I remember doing that in Baughurst!  Whilst they're on the pavement they can get quite slippery and treacherous:

Spent a very good weekend last weekend visiting friends firstly in Leicester and then in Sherborne St John near Basingstoke.  Many thanks to the East Midlands branch of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics for their kind support of the Joshua Appeal, very grateful to you - and great to meet you there.  Great also to be able to speak briefly at St Andrew's, Sherborne St John.  If anybody there is reading this, please note - I was joking when I suggested that, once you've helped me raise some money from Joshua I'll start an appeal for you in Africa for a new heating system, so that when the leader of the service offers a warm welcome, this is both metaphorically and literally true.

Anyway, to finish, a picture of the building at Sherborne St John, just a little older than that in Dar es Salaam:

and here's the local pub:

So, think that's all for now, have a wonderful Christmas, I'll be back soon afterwards.

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David Mansergh on 23 December 2013 17:40
Perhaps the use of contrast helps to emphasise the metaphorical warmth of the welcome in SSJ?!
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Geoff on 24 December 2013 15:00
Yes, I'll have to think about that. Actually I did warm up eventually, just a matter of being directly underneath the heaters. Have a great Christmas, Geoff

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