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19/5/13: old age is creeping on

Because I've worn glasses for reading on and off since my early 20s I don't really associate long sight with old age.  However, what initially was a means of preventing headaches when reading for long periods of time has increasingly become a necessity to be able to read at all.  Since 2008 I have been wearing varifocals pretty well all the time, already gone through three prescriptions and pretty sure if I presented myself at an optician now I'd be getting yet another, stronger, version.

Two things recently which have concentrated my mind somewhat.  I've been finding it increasingly difficult to focus on my laptop screen at work, so now keep a pair of straight reading glasses there which I switch to for this purpose.  However, if I then walk into the corridor still wearing them, it's a bit of an effort of the will to walk in a straight line - or if somebody comes into my office for a chat I again need to switch - but the process of switching is slightly disorientating.

The other thing is at the gym I go to we need to provide our own padlocks for the lockers.  When I saw a suitably sized combination lock in a shop it seemed like an ideal solution, no longer needing to keep a key with me.  However, if swimming, in the steam room or sauna, or in the shower, there is a need to have my glasses in the locker.  Which means I don't have them available when opening the lock.  It's already the case that I can only do this by identifying sequences of shapes rather than being able to see the numbers as such.  I know that the time is coming, quite possibly in the not too distant future, when I'm going to have to get somebody to open the locker for me.  When this happens I'll let you know - unless I'm too embarrassed by the precise circumstances to own up to it...

The Christian Fellowship at work is currently doing a series on the fruit of the spirit, and I was asked to speak recently on peace.  I was keen to do this, largely on the grounds that I thought the required preparation and thinking through the issues would do me good, which I'm pleased to say it did.  I suggested that peace can be defined as harmony in all our relationships - first and foremost with Almighty God, and then also with ourselves and other people.  Have to say, being at peace with ourselves is jolly important,and if you're anything like me, not to be taken for granted.  If you let me know that you're praying that I would be at peace with God, myself and other people around me, am very happy to reciprocate.

To finish, a picture from Zanzibar a few weeks ago, this is on a pole in Stone Town a good 10 feet in the air:

Thank you for reading, I'll be back soon - God willing.....

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Cyril Tennant on 21 May 2013 09:19
We particularly appreciated your comments on the talk at the Christian Fellowship. It sounds good. Any chance of reproducing part of it for us? Incidentally, Chris and I did appreciate meeting up with the Fellowship. It's such a wonderful group. Please give them our greetings.
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Geoff on 22 May 2013 09:44
Thanks for this, Dad, will pass on your message to the Christian Fellowship. Note the point about my thoughts on peace, I'll dig out my notes and give furher details in my next blog entry.

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