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12/5/13: it's been raining!

People who have been out here longer than a year tell me that the rainy season is due to finish about now.  Have to say, it's been quite an adventure, at its worst the rain is torrential causing mayhem on the roads.  In my entry of 24/3/13 I described getting out of the church park when other cars looked as if they had got seriously flooded, on another occasion I was out driving when the heavens opened and I was seriously concerned as to whether I could get back to my flat.

Such heavy rain is, however, the exception to the rule.  Many days pass with no rain at all, or it's very light or it lasts for a very short period of time.  The effect on the roads has been very marked, particularly the unmade roads which includes where I'm living and also working.  Driving along them is like a roller coaster, with impromptu repairs made with blocks of stone.  Once they've settled I guess they'll be helpful, in the short term they're a major hazard.  And a particular joy is having to drive over muddy puddles with no idea what's underneath, my normal policy is to go slowly and hope for the best - then to find that I'm being overtaken....

But I did want to comment on weather forecasts.  If you look at either the BBC weather site or you could be forgiven for thinking that the weather is pretty well identical from day to day.  But take my word for it, it isn't!  If there are any weather forecasters out there, can I make a suggestion?  Either invest greatly more resources in predicting accurately what the weather will be, or simply post a sign, "It's the rainy season.  During the rainy season it sometimes rains hard, it sometimes rains a little, it sometimes rains not at all.  We advise you to prepared for each of these three."  Get rid of this psuedo-accuracy which really doesn't match the reality.  Here endeth the rant.

Couple more things: delighted to have so many visitors to this blog, something like 500 visitors viewing 700 pages per week.  However, there is a price to pay here, I seem recently to have started to attracted the attention of spammers (if that's the right word).  In most cases the messages are pretty innocuous 'Great post, so interesting what you've got to say, keep writing!'  I've been leaving them in - if interested check out the post for 19/9/12 headed 'to school and my iphone', it appears to be the mention of iphone which has given rise to the attention...

Anyway, more recently I've started to get a few which are actually offensive, I've therefore changed the settings so that I approve comments before they're posted up.  Hope that's OK, very much hope you will continue to read and comment, it's great hearing from you.

And to finish, some pictures of giant tortoises on Prison Island, just off Zanzibar, when I was out there with Mum and Dad a few weeks ago.  Thank you for reading, I'll be back soon!

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