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21/4/13: the village museum

Getting a bit behind with my posts, Mum and Dad have now been shivering back in the UK for a few weeks but still some bits which happened whilst they were here to report.  So here goes!

One of the joys of having visitors is going on and doing things of a holiday nature that, living in a place, one tends not to do.  How many Londoners, I wonder, have toured Buckingham Palace?  One such thing to do locally is to visit the village museum, looking to exhibit traditional African life.

I've written before about the difficulties of finding the place, this was no exception.  I'd been stopped by the police on a routine document check when we were pretty close and I asked direction, but the police officer denied all knowledge.  We had, actually, given up and were heading back to my flat when it appeared on the left.  And well worth a visit it was!

There were a number of huts as below:

The other major thing which happens at the Village Museum is traditional African dancing.  Here it is going on:

with the accompanying band:

Now, I'm afraid you have to take my word for it that I took the opportunity to get involved with the dancing.  I'm pleased to say that there is photographic evidence of Mum and Dad's involvement:

If you'd like to see any more of my pictures, do follow the link to:  Particularly, you can find the pictures above in 'Tanzania' -> 'Dar Es Salaam and surrounding', with some videos of the dancing and also of the call to prayer from the mosque close by which I took from my balcony.  Hope you enjoy them, if you wish to use them for any purpose beyond your own enjoyment please do ask me first!

Few more posts using pictures over the next few weeks, although off to Uganda Wednesday to Friday!  A work trip so not sure how much opportunity to take pictures they'll be, but I'll see!

One final thing if I may.  Through '' watched 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' recently.  Since a child have been a fan of the wonderful Narnia books, whenever I come back to them I'm amazed just at how short they are and how much is packed in.  Pleased I saw the film, thought the best bit was when the crew of the ship laughed at Eustace for talking to a sea gull, thought that was very funny.  Have to say, thought the deviations from the book detracted from rather than enhanced the film.  Or, put it another way, is it not somewhat arrogant to take the books of a master story teller like C.S.Lewis and think you can improve on them?

So, in summary, the film was good but the book is better.  Thank you for reading, I'll be back soon.

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Cyril Tennant on 26 April 2013 05:46
Thanks for this Geoff. It was great that you suddenly saw the entrance to the museum. The dancing was exciting, but one thing I really enjoyed was meeting Petro Paulo Mayige, the sculptor. His little figurines fashioned so beautifully in terra cotta were superb.
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Geoff on 28 April 2013 23:29
Agree that the sculptor was great, alas, no sooner did we get to him than it started pouring with rain so didn't get any pictures of him. Thinking that I'll be going back to him in due course, his work was very special....

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