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20/2/13: I paid my gas bill! And more on Sunday School

Last week I came home from work to find a gas bill stuck under my door.  Not a large bill, I only have a gas hob, the oven is electric and curiously I don't have gas heating.  'Bill to be settled within 15 days of invoice date' I am told.  Fine, very happy to pay this bill, extremely happy, please tell me how?  No contact details on the form, no 'phone number, no address, and no bank details to pay it in.  So I did nothing, hoping that this could be sorted out before I was disconnected.
As previously noted my flat is close to work so I have the option of returning home for lunch which I did yesterday.  Then, joy of joys, the gas bill collector was on my landing just as I was about to return.  Hurrah, I can pay the bill!  So I then asked how I pay the bill if I'm not in when he calls round, but he didn't have the English and I don't have the Swahili to connect.  So, I 'phoned my friend and colleague Joyceline, explained what I was trying to ask, passed my 'phone across to the gas bill collector who had a conversation, then passed it back to me for Joyceline to tell me that to pay the bill I have to give the money to him.  OK, if that's what it is that's what it is.  One of the many facets of life here which is somewhat different to what I'm used to.
Sunday School again last Sunday.  Concerned readers from my previous post will be pleased to hear that I tried jumping up and down under the fan when it was switched off to find there was at least an inch clearance from the fan to the highest I could jump.  Well, half an inch maybe.  Because this is still early days I started again with my 'Whilst I speak English in its highest and purest form I am told that people sometimes find me difficult to understand' speech and then had some of the children practising saying, 'Excuse me, can you speak more slowly, please'.  Anyway, at the end Wesley came up to me to say that he could understand me because he's been to England - Edinburgh in fact.  OK, couple of things here.  Firstly, don't people in Edinburgh speak differently to me?  Agreed that he had seen men wearing skirts and playing the hosepipes.  And then, with the help of my iphone, I was able to look with Devon as to where Devon is in England who seemed to be suitably impressed.
One final thing.  I was starting a class this morning and, quoting from the most ancient of ancient joke books remaindered many centuries ago, asked all students not present to put their hands up.  And they laughed!  I did suggest that this was not a good idea, laughing at my dreadful jokes encourages me and means they're liable to hear more.
It's great being here.  I'll be back again soon.

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Jenny Spence on 25 February 2013 03:14
Geoff, you've got a long way to go before your jokes are as bad as Anthony's! Loving your posts - keep it up!
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Geoff on 25 February 2013 23:28
Ah, yes, Anthony's jokes, I remember those! How they used to brighten up band rehearsals at St Andrew's Sherborne St John! I trust they're still coming thick and fast. Maybe I'll be able to experience them again over the Christmas period this coming year, I'll keep in touch! Best wishes to you all, Geoff

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