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19/9/12: to school and my iphone

Good news: set foot in a Tanzanian school today.  Bad news: I thought it was to observe some lessons, however, I wasn't expected - some consternation as to who it was I'd spoken to over the 'phone! - so I ended up making arrangements for next Tuesday.  Subsequently exchanged text messages with the deputy head of mathematics who was extremely helpful, so pretty sure that will be OK.

Spending a fair bit of time reading round Tanzanian education in particular and East Africa - and the developing world - in general.  I'll share some thoughts soon, meanwhile, reflecting on how important the language of the classroom is and how problematic this is in many countries in the world.

But I wanted to mention my iphone.  I bought a factory unlocked reconditioned version 3 to come out here, the selling point for me is the ability to act as a sat nav.  Have to say that I've been incredibly impressed, and it makes walking around so much more straightforward when I have a device in my pocket that tells me pretty well exactly where I am.  Except for one thing - the battery life seems very low, I'm constantly recharging it.  As far as I can make out this is normal for iphones, not because I have a reconditioned one.  And to make matters worse, I can charge it in my office at work either through my MacBook Pro or through the mains, but can't charge it in the 'guest house' where I'm staying at the moment, either way.  Most perplexing, hoping when I move to my own flat this will be resolved.  Any technical types reading this who may be able to help, do let me know.

More generally, I'm keeping an eye on usage figures for this website and there seems to be a steady trickle of visitors - thank you!  Would be great to hear from you, either through a message on the blog or through private email.

Tutuonana baadaye - see you again soon.

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Protect your investments on 09 January 2013 08:50
Pleased to read your lettering about iPhone and your Mac book! Technology has made everything very easy which was impossible to do in the past. Thanks for amazing words and keeps writing!
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Geoff on 09 January 2013 09:43
Thank you for your appreciation - or asante kwa kushukuru as we locals say. Agree that technology is pretty amazing, was using Excel to teach about correlation coefficients this morning, wonderful to be able to ask what will happen as I change one point, very difficult to do without. And - now that I don't use my iphone so intensively the battery life seems a bit more bearable.

Ghislaine Tsan on 26 January 2013 07:17
Interesting lettering about your iPhone! The factory content is truly impressive. Thanks for your lettering and keep it up!
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logotech on 03 April 2013 06:02
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iPhones Now on 23 April 2013 01:38
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Greg Bent on 24 April 2013 10:33
Wow!! That does sounds like a educative concept. Anyway I got a new iphone but I don't know how it work. Can someone please help me so far?
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Mobile application development on 08 May 2013 07:17
Thanks for sharing this post regarding the iphone which are helpful in education. I think iphone is the most helpful tool in the children education.
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