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9-11/3/12: reggae studies (2), dinner out and Hope Gardens

Went along to another reggae studies class.  The highlight for me is this video clip, which I've entitled, "Every drummer should watch this."  Hope you find it as funny as I do - although a jolly good point being made, of course.  Good to be able to talk to some of the students - so very interested to speak to Alexia, a music teacher at Seaforth, one of the schools represented at the lunch on 28/2/12, currently studying for a psychology degree with an elective in reggae studies.

On Saturday was invited out to dinner by some of the teachers who came to Reading in 2010.  We went to 'Scotchies', some of the best jerk food in Kingston, if not the country!  Not entirely sure what goes into jerk sauce, scotch bonnet is certainly one of the ingredients, strongly suspect it varies from place to place.  Also the cooking is important, here's a picture I took in 2010 in Morant Bay:

Ends up absolutely delicious!  And still need to address the issue of street side jerk vendors, a matter of getting a good photo first.

Here's a picture of Euphemia and me:

On the camera screen I look like a ghost, not quite so bad here but my shirt is 'white out', I think.  Here's Euphemia, her daughter and her Mum, with Ian McCleary (see 8/3/12) on the extreme right:

For me the most memorable moment of the evening was when I was speaking to Euphemia's Mum.  It turned out that she'd been to England for a funeral, "...and it was only a hour, not a minute over!!!!!"  When I said that, in England, an hour was a very long funeral, more normally 20 minutes and often shorter than that, I'm not sure that they believed me.  "What can you do in 20 minutes?"  I have to say, having played Organ for many Caribbean funerals in Tottenham whilst a PhD student, I feel that we,ie. stiff upper lip British people, have a great deal to learn from the Caribbean approach of expressing grief openly, with funerals acting as a focal point for feelings and helping to give a sense of closure and moving on.

Here are a few more pictures from the evening:

With a final group shot:

Thank you so much for a great evening, it's really good to keep in touch, I look forward to seeing at least some of you before I leave.

At church on Sunday I finally saw Lorna Thompson.  Lorna came to Reading in 2011, and came to church with me in Sherborne St John on the middle Sunday of the course.  Lorna works for the Ministry of Education, a passionate Christian and a dedicated communicator of mathematics.  Of course, only one more Sunday to go now, but trying not to think too much about that.

Took a walk in Hope Gardens in the afternoon.  Not very far from here at all, here are some of the pictures I took whilst there:

I can identify a coconut palm and a banana tree, otherwise, these are nice looking flowers to me (sorry, Mum!)

Now, keen students of this blog will remember that I started off with a strong interest in road signs.  This is still there, but, of course, there is less to report as time goes on.  The following sign I saw very early on in my stay:

At first I thought that this spelling of 'tire' was Jamaican, maybe from America.  After all, 'restrooms' is hardly a term from the colonial past!  But no, here's another sign close by:

Grief, I'm such a pedant!  Thank you for reading, I'll be back soon!

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Cyril Tennant on 12 March 2012 07:41
Again, we have really appreciated your latest blogs. Your vivid descriptions almost make us feel that we are there!
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Geoff on 12 March 2012 08:24
Thanks for this, glad you're appreciating the blog. Any help identifying the flowers in Hope Gardens gratefully received!

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