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15/7/18: when to use smart phones?

So, I woke up on Thursday morning, checked my smart phone – England had lost against Croatia.  If this doesn’t sound a bit strange, I’m sorry that I didn't feeling sorry because I feel that as a patriotic Brit I ought to at least a bit.  But my indifference to all things football took priority over my patriotism, I have to be honest.

So, facing up to the day ahead at school, how to play this?  Having made no secret of my feelings towards football over the last couple of weeks, and having indicated that I’d be looking to see if any organist needed a deputy for Sunday evening, I felt that the time was right to play it cool.

8/7/18: is there some football event on at the moment?

I think I can safely say that I have never understood football from any point of view.  I have no memory, when at school, of ever being taught how to play, it was just assumed that we knew.  Which I didn't.  Particularly, with 21 people already chasing after the ball, I had no idea what it was that I was supposed to do as person number 22.  So, I was the one person at school who cheered when the weather was bad and we did cross country instead.  I mean, running through a park, that I can do, maybe not very fast, but at least I know what I'm supposed to be doing.

1/7/18: how (not) to give praise

I was talking recently to a retired biology teacher, who told of one of his abiding memories from his teaching days.  He had in his class a girl who was not the brightest but worked hard and with enjoyment.  Both teacher and pupil were delighted when, in an end of year test, she achieved the highest mark in the class, a huge achievement arising from great determination and resilience.

Alas, his story did not finish there.  The girl went home and told her parents of the test score.  To which her mother replied, “Yes, that’s because you know so much about sex.

24/6/18: FINALLY got through that pile of fish

A couple of years before I went to Tanzania there was a knock on my door one day and standing there was a mobile fish monger.  Fish were caught, went pretty well into their freezer, came frozen to my door so could go straight to my freezer.  So not quite as good as going straight from the sea to the oven but a jolly good second best given that I live about an hour's drive from the coast.  He operated pretty well like a shop, so I could buy what I wanted in the quantities I wanted from the selection provided.

25/3/18: an incident on a bus

Recently I was on the lower deck of a double decker bus.  As is usual in the UK, there was space about 1/2 way back for a wheel chair on one side and a baby's push chair on the other.  I was sitting on a seat on the second row behind the gap for the wheelchair.

So, the bus filled up.  A mother brought a baby in a pushchair so that filled that space.  Then an elderly woman came on with a shopping trolley and sat in front of me, immediately behind the gap for the wheel chair, putting her shopping trolley against the other seat.

25/2/18: let's support OXFAM - and other news stories

Over the last week or so I've been grappling with three news stories and trying to work out what I make of them.  These are the sex scandal surrounding OXFAM and other aid agencies, the school shooting in Florida, and the UK University lecturers' strike over pension arrangements.  If I may I'll take these in turn, as always, very interested to know what you think.

The idea that aid workers working on the field should be paying locals for sex, or making aid conditional upon sexual favours, is, of course, abhorrent, and cuts against all principles of development, empowerment, independence, and so on.

17/2/18: looking to understand the Book of Job

For some years now I've been reading through the Bible each year, alongside gradually going through the Bible also using the New International Version Application Commentary (NIVAC) as a guide.  Have to say, going through the Bible is a great discipline which I would thoroughly recommend to all Christians in getting to know the Bible better.

The scheme I use has a portion each day from each of the Psalms and Proverbs, then about two chapters from the rest of the Old Testament and an average of just less than one chapter from the New Testament.

14/2/18: at school (5): report from assembly and dancing

In my last two posts I wrote about two upcoming things which have now happened: my assembly in Holocaust Week and joining the school staff dancing troupe.  So let me now report back on these two things!

Firstly the assembly.  Just to recap: I started from Simon Wiesenthal's account in 'The Sunflower' when, as a concentration camp prisoner in the Second World War, he was asked to forgive a young German soldier dying from battle wounds who had previously been involved in the massacre of a group of Jews, finishing with a clear Christian message of forgiveness at the foot of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.

21/1/18: at school (4): I've joined the staff dance troupe!

It all started with the school carol service, held in a church building a short walk from school.  I was playing the Organ and, because of the layout of the building, quite a large number of people - particularly colleagues - had a clear view of me playing.  In kindly thanking me afterwards, a number of people particularly commented on my use of the pedal board, and I can see that, if you've not seen an Organist in operation at close quarters before, that is likely to be the most striking feature of what you're seeing.

14/1/18: at school (3): assembly in Holocaust Week coming up

The week after next is Holocaust Week, assemblies that week at school reflect that theme and I'm due to be speaking to our year 10 cohort - 14-15 year olds.  Please see below a draft of what I'm intending to say, I'm assuming, of course, that nobody who's going to be there is reading this now!  I'd be interested in any feedback you might have, particularly, I'm intending to finish as indicated but am wondering about finishing with a prayer.  What do you think?
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